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Helping Otaki thrive beyond Covid-19

Ōtaki Today

Community newspaper Ōtaki Today provides reliable news and targeted advertising to readers from Te Horo Beach to as far north as Manakau and Waikawa Beach. Published monthly.


Ōtaki Today is a newspaper with the respected news, reliable information and thought-provoking comment that makes it a stand-out in New Zealand's community media.
Its proactive news focus means reporting not only communicates what it's told, but also looks into the wider implications for the community.
The newspaper has gathered a solid team of expert contributors, whose writing on issues as broad as politics and gardening gives readers pause for thought. Ōtaki Today also has exclusive comment each month from the mayor, ward councillor and community board chair.
Advertisers have access to expert design and a reach into the wider community that is second-to none.
Visitors and locals can pick up news-stand copies at Ōtaki New World, RiverStone Café, Café Te Horo, CaféSixtySix, Ōtaki Beach Dairy, Brown Acre Markets (Manakau) and The Sponge Kitchen (Levin).

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